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The S+D METALS Group is one of the leading European stockists of high-performance metallic materials such as

- Titanium and Titanium Alloys
- Nickel and Cobalt Alloys
- Stainless Steel for Aerospace.


S+D logistics: Maximum supply availability and optimum organisation

The challenge: Industrial companies often encounter a procurement problem when a demand for special stainless steels, CP titanium or titanium alloys arises on short notice. Because of the very specific configurations, only a few stockists are engaged in the field of high performance materials. From the producers, the goods can only be ordered with long lead times and high order volumes.

The solution: S+D provides remarkably short delivery times and a very high security of supply to the metal-processing industry and specialised processors. Our service centres with their high-capacity machining centres make the just-in-time delivery of pre-cut material ready for production possible.

The delivery: S+D is adopting an internationally oriented logistics concept when it comes to both procurement and delivery. Reliable freight forwarders provide timely delivery to our customers at optimal cost. The delivery of smaller pieces is carried out by parcel-delivery companies.

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